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Aretê Systems is a hardware training and development firm specializing in the Microsoft development tools. We are certified (MCT) to teach Microsoft Official Curriculum courses in Microsoft.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and other developer courses. In addition, we offer custom training to meet customer needs, and mentoring and coaching services to help existing programmers transition to new technologies. David M. Clark, MCSD, MCT, MCP+SB

New and Noteworthy:

Certified as Microsoft Certified Professional
Arete Systems teams with RRTC to offer Microsoft.NET training
Instructor-Led Training
Microsoft.NET Training
.NET Overview Training - two-day .NET Developer Overview Seminar - unique to Arete Systems and RRTC Our clients and partners

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.NET Language Training - Visual Basic.NET courses
.NET Web Development Training - ASP.NET courses for rapid development of web applications based on Microsoft's ASP.NET technology
Web Development Training
Microsoft Tools and Technologies - ASP.NET, Web Services, E-commerce, 'classic' ASP, Visual Interdev
Cross-platform tools and technologies - Scripting (including JavaScript), XML, XSL, Accessing Oracle databases using Microsoft technologies
Visual Basic 6 Training
Microsoft Official Curriculum courses: MOC 1303, 1013, 1016 How is aretê pronounced?
What does aretê mean?
(Hint: it is a word from the ancient Greek language, as revealed in the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig)
Custom Visual Basic training
Architecture / Solutions Design Training
The original Distributed Application Design course using Visual Studio 6
Microsoft's new Business Solutions courses for developers
Database (SQL Server) Training
Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 'Programming' courses
Custom Course Development
Custom Training and Course Development Our 'aggregate' approach to developing custom course materials allows us to provide customized training at lower prices! Click here for details
Courses customized to fit your requirements and schedules
'Aggregate' training makes custom courseware possible at a reasonable price
Web Development & Programming Systems Consulting
Custom web site development - Web Pages that Make Sense™ Consulting on computer systems analysis and design - we wrote the book! (one of them anyway)
Why do I need a web site? How much does a custom web site cost? Vendor independent consulting on effective use of Information Technology (IT)

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