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Instructor-Led Training
Web Development Training
Arete Systems provides instructor-led training in all aspects of Internet development, focusing on the use of the Microsoft tools and technologies but including cross-platform technologies as well.
Microsoft Tools and Technologies:

Visual Interdev: Arete Systems specializes in the Microsoft Visual Interdev web development tool, and teaches the Microsoft Official Curriculum course on Visual Interdev: MOC 1017. This course is designed for web developers who need to learn how to use Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology for server-side processing. ASP pages provide powerful capabilities by tapping into the resources available on the web server, such as databases and reusable code (COM) components.

Front Page: Microsoft's popular web authoring tool, Front Page, has been through several versions since its debut in 1997. Arete Systems has taught Front Page 98 and now Front Page 2000. The Front Page 98 course from Microsoft was called "Mastering Web Site Fundamentals", and covered the basics of web site development and the Front Page tool. Microsoft has since replaced that course with two courses, one in the fundamentals of web technologies, MOC 1292, and one on just Front Page 2000, MOC 1592.

Digital Dashboards: Digital Dashboards are customized applications, based on Internet standards, that act as portals, drawing information from a variety of courses and presenting it in a single screen. The analogy is to the dashboard of a car, which displays information about the various parts of the car operation such as the amount of fuel in the tank. Microsoft is offering two courses on Digital Dashboards: Building Corporate Portals using Digital Dashboards (MOC-2382, three days), and Planning Collaborative Solutions using Microsoft Office XP (MOC-2381, two days). Note: as of April, 2001 these two courses were still under development.)

Cross-platform Tools and Technologies:

Scripting: Scripting languages are used to provide additional capabilities not available in the basic HTML language. The two most popular scripting languages are Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and JavaScript. Arete Systems teaches both.

XML: The newest markup language is the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Like HTML it is designed to work across multiple platforms and products, and be simple to write and use. Although still an evolving standard, and perhaps an over-hyped one, it is clearly going to be an important technology for data transport and e-commerce.

Microsoft has taken a leadership role in the development and standardization of XML, and Arete Systems teaches the Microsoft and non-Microsoft courses on XML. Microsoft has recently revised their five-day course, Building XML-Based Web Applications, which covers the basics of XML, generating XML from a database, the eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), using the Document Object Model (DOM) with XML, and XML schemas.

Microsoft also offers other courses on XML:

Exchanging and Transforming Data using XML and XSLT (MOC-1913) (five days). The purpose of this course is to learn techniques for exchanging and transforming data by using XML and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT).
Building XML-Enabled Web Applications using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (MOC-2091) (three-days) As of April 2001, Microsoft was still developing this course.

Oracle: We don't claim to be Oracle experts, but we have taught Microsoft-centric programmers how to access Oracle databases using the Microsoft data access methods (ADO).

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