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Instructor-Led Training
We offer training in Microsoft's popular programming language, Visual Basic version 6, through the three Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses and through custom training.

Visual Basic Fundamentals: For those new to Visual Basic programming, Microsoft offers their fundamentals class, MOC 1303: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals. This is a five day course that introduces Visual Basic objects, forms and controls, variables and procedures, Visual Basic statements and flow of control, debugging, error trapping, and input validation. It also introduces data access techniques, but doesn't cover them in as much detail as the intermediate course.

Visual Basic 'Intermediate': The middle level course in Microsoft's series is MOC 1013: Mastering Visual Basic Development. This course is appropriate for students who understand the basics of Visual Basic programming, and want to delve deeper. It is 'the data access' course for Visual Basic developers, covering the basics of working with recordsets, data bound controls, the ActiveX Data Object (ADO) programming model for accessing databases, and the Visual Studio Data Access Tools such as the Query Builder.

This course is the Visual Basic course that covers building your own ActiveX controls, which are reusable form elements that enhance the standard Visual Basic controls. Finally, it also covers using and building COM Components, which are reusable code components that are similar to ActiveX controls except that they don't have a user interface.

Visual Basic 'Advanced': The advanced course in Microsoft's series is MOC 1016: Mastering Enterprise Development using Visual Basic 6. This course is appropriate for students who are interested in building three tier applications. Three or n-tier is a popular architecture for developing complex, scalable, and robust enterprise applications. As part of that, this course covers additional Microsoft tools within a Visual Basic context, tools such as the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS, now called Component Services in Windows 2000), and Microsoft Message Queuing Service (MSMQ, now just called Message Queuing).

This course also covers data access from Visual Basic, including accessing data from the middle tier of a three tier architecture, and the use of SQL Server stored procedures. Finally, it covers the security aspects of three tier development using Visual Basic.

We also offer custom training in Visual Basic. For more information, visit the Custom Training page.

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