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Instructor-Led Training
Arete Systems is a leader in providing Microsoft .NET (pronounced dotNet) developer training. We are certified by Microsoft as 'on-site certified' to teach the .NET courses, one of the few training partners in the country to hold that certification. Listed below are just some of the .NET courses we teach; others are available. For the latest schedule of courses, visit the web site of our partner CTEC, RRTC:
.NET Overview Training:

Arete Systems, along with its partner RRTC, is one of the few training partners in the country certified to teach a two-day overview of .NET, called the "Microsoft.NET Developer Overview" course (MOC-8000). This intensive two-day course provides an overview of all the .NET Developer technologies, including the languages, data access, web applications and web services, security, and more. This course is ideal for lead developers or programmers, team leaders, IT managers, and others who want to learn more about what .NET can offer them as developers.

.NET Language Training:

Visual Basic.NET is Visual Basic 7.0, and is part of Visual Studio.NET. Visual Basic.NET is now a full-fledged object-oriented programming language. It is also the language used to develop web applications in Visual Basic, replacing Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) used in developing web applications with Visual Studio 6.

Arete Systems teaches the following Visual Basic.NET courses:

MOC-2373: Programming with Visual Basic.NET. This course is designed for existing Visual Basic programmers who want to learn about Visual Basic.NET. It also briefly covers ADO.NET data access technology and the ASP.NET web development technology.

MOC-2559: Introduction to Visual Basic.NET. This course is designed to replace the entry level course in the Visual Basic 6 series, MOC-1303. This course is designed for students who are new to Visual Basic programming, and teaches them the fundamentals of Visual Basic.NET programming

MOC-2415: Programming the Microsoft.NET Framework with Visual Basic.NET. This is a more advanced course that covers the nuts and bolts of programming using the .NET Framework. It covers such topics as the Common Type System (CTS), versioning and deployment, and developing reusable components. All the programming in this course is done in Visual Basic.NET; a companion course covers the same topics using the C#.NET programming language.

.NET Web Training:

The improved features in ASP.NET, the web technology of .NET, should significantly enhance the productivity of web developers. The two ASP.NET courses are:

MOC-2063: Introduction to ASP.NET. This course, despite its title, is for developers or web authors who have some familiarity with web development techniques, and want to upgrade to ASP.NET. It is a full 3-day course on developing web applications and web services using ASP.NET. (Note: this course has recently been upgraded to revision C, which covers the shipping version of ASP.NET)

MOC-2310: Building Web Applications in Visual Studio.NET. MOC-2310 is for students who want to learn how to build web applications using the Microsoft.NET technology. This course assumes some knowledge of HTML and programming, but not at a detailed level. This course is also appropriate for existing Visual Basic 6.0 developers who want to learn ASP.NET.

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