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Instructor-Led Training
Arete Systems teaches the Microsoft certified courses that can be generally categorized as analysis and design courses. The Microsoft offerings have expanded in this area, growing from one course (MOC-1298), Distributed Application Design and Development using Visual Studio 6; to three courses, each specializing in gathering user requirements (analysis), designing components (design), and building data models. 
Original, three-day course (MOC-1298):

Distributed Application Design and Development using Visual Studio 6 (MOC-1298) is the original Microsoft analysis and design course for application developers using Visual Studio. Although to some it has the perception of being a 'marketing course' for the Visual Studio products, it is actually an excellent introduction to three or n-tier application design and development.

This course is appropriate for developers and managers, as it is not a heavy coding course. It makes an excellent prerequisite for those new to three tier development.

Microsoft includes the new courses in a three course series called variously "Windows Architecture for Developers", "Application Architecture and Design", or Business Solutions Design.
Newer, three course series (MOC-1585, 1608, 1609):

Gathering and Analyzing Business Requirements (MOC-1585) is a three-day course that is excellent for anyone involved in systems analysis, i.e. determining the requirements for new systems, for making major modifications to existing systems, or for simply learning how to document what people want out of computer systems. Arete Systems has successfully taught this course to non-developers and people without an extensive technical background. The course covers how to create a 'vision' document that encapsulates user requirements, and is based on the models of application development Microsoft includes in its Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF).

Designing Business Solutions (MOC-1608) is a five-day systems design course, specifically process or component design. Like the other courses in this series, it is also based on the models for application development outlined in the Microsoft Solutions Framework. The objective of this course is to teach students how to create "conceptual, logical, and physical designs for a business solution".

Designing Data Services and Data Models (MOC-1609) is a three-day database design course. It is appropriate for any system developer, and not just data base administrators. It teaches what has been traditionally been called 'data modeling', or 'entity-relationship modeling'.

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