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What do you mean by 'systems consulting'?

Developing and teaching computer programming and application development requires an organized, methodical approach; what we call the 'systems approach'. The systems approach involves two major activities: analysis and design.

Analysis is the processing of dividing something into smaller pieces or components. That's generally the first major activity in systems work, and is actually an ancient idea. The Roman emperor Julius Caesar is generally credited with the 'divide and conquer' (analysis) approach, which he employed successfully to conquer Europe. The approach of taking something that seems large and complex at first glance, and then breaking it into smaller pieces, is successful in many endeavors, but particularly systems work.

Design is the second major activity of systems work, and is the reverse of analysis. Design is the process of assembling pieces back into a new and coherent whole. It requires more creativity than analysis because you are creating something new (which makes it more fun, at least for a designer) and provides the desired solution for the client.

So we apply these two major activities when we say we are taking a systems approach.

Why is systems consulting important to me as a client?

Taking a systems approach to our assignments ensures that you will get a more successful product, and have a higher probability of success in achieving your training or development goals.

With our years of experience in all aspects of systems development and training, we have learned that taking a systems approach is also what differentiates an amateur from a professional. We have made mistakes, and learned from our mistakes, and now you can benefit.

What specific activities are you proposing?

We can help you understand how to make the most effective use of computers and information technology. We take a holistic, systems approach that will answer your questions and meet your needs. This could include activities like:

What do you bring to the table?

We bring years of experience in analyzing, designing, evaluating, and implementing computer application systems. From small to big to biggest, we have worked with all types of computer applications in a variety of roles.

We also have extensive experience in system methodologies, procedures, and project management. For one client we wrote the systems development methodology that laid out the major activities of systems development. We have also written standard project management manuals that described the steps and activities of managing computer projects.


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