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Our clients range from large multinational corporations to small business and non-profit organizations. We believe that our range of clients attests to the popularity of the Microsoft technologies we employ and teach and the quality and reputation of our services.

For one large financial services corporation, we developed a custom, 6-week training series to help their MIS developers transition from a background of Access programming with some Visual Basic to a web development environment based on the Microsoft development technologies. We developed and taught 13 short courses that were taught at the client's site, and included:

- Microsoft Developer Concepts
- Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals
- Introduction /Review of HTML
- Introduction to DHTML
- Visual Interdev/Active Server Pages (ASP)
- Introduction to VBScript
- Introduction to Microsoft Data Access technologies
- Microsoft Visual Database tools
- 'Roll Your Own' data access using ADO
- Developing Web Applications in Visual Basic 6
- Developing COM Components in Visual Basic 6
- Introduction to JavaScript
- Oracle database access using Microsoft technologies

For a department of a medical university, we provided custom Visual Interdev training and consulting on-site, minimizing the need to send their staff off-site and away from their daily responsibilities. We mixed training with mentoring to help them use their training for a pilot student records project, allowing them to get up and running with a real web application.

For an insurance company, we offered custom Visual Basic training (Visual Basic 101) after hours for their developers and power users. Again the company was able to minimize the impact on their employees' daily schedule and provide them with career-enhancing training at a fraction of what it would have cost to send their employees to more formal classes.

For the training division of one of the world's largest computer corporations, we authored their Visual Interdev course, writing first the course outline and description, and then the student guide, instructor kit, and other materials.

For a small family education practice we developed their first web site, and in the process helped them focus more clearly on their mission and the services they could offer, which we then featured on the home page.

Our Partners

Arete Systems partners with other firms as appropriate for our clients, thus providing for personalized attention and the greater resources of larger companies.

We are with partners with leading, national training brokers for training centers and firms that wish to engage the services of contract trainers.

We have worked with several consulting firms in the Richmond, VA area, offering our training services in conjunction with their other technical resources to provide complete, custom solutions for technology implementations and knowledge transfer.

For more information on our partners, contact us.

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